Friday, March 8, 2013

Project 26 | E Is For . . .

Environment, Editorial
& for 10 minutes. GO.
I am amazed by the beauty all around us. I was blown away walking through Old Town Sacramento & seeing the vast possibilities for capturing unique, beautiful pictures. The old buildings with the overgrown foliage took my breath away - I couldn't stop smiling at the juxtaposition between crumbling structures & new life creeping in everywhere.
My model & I had such a wonderful time exploring together. Sure, I may have embarrassed her a little bit by dance walking down the street, asking her to pose through a window while waiting for our food at a restaurant, & taking some shots in the downstairs women's room because I loved the tile in there. But really, there are so many places of subtle beauty & interest if we just open our eyes to see it. I am constantly looking around for different ways to take potential photographs. I try to keep my pictures honest to who I am, as well as to the one I'm photographing. Pushing myself to try new things & embracing all there is around me to create something artistic & fresh.

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