About Me

*UPDATE - As of January 2013, I am in business!
I am in the process of portfolio building, so am currently offering discounted prices.
Check out my pricing page for more information.
Contact me at: elizabethjanephoto {at} gmail {dot} com for availability.
I am passionate about & specialize in lifestyle photography, but offer portrait packages as well.
I am open for weddings with a modern & creative lifestyle spin.
2011 - I am a wife of one very supportive husband & a mother of two children who I love more than anything. I am also a reader, quilter & an aspiring homemaker. I am a huge sucker for cookies, stripes, plaids, peonies, warm weather, music & dancing, cheeseball teen movies & books, history, art, list-making (have you noticed?), & lounging around the house. For the sake of this blog, I am an aspiring photographer. I am not someone who has always had a camera in her hand, but have recently taken up the hobby. I have learned an incredible amount through reading & practicing (mostly on my family), & in November 2011, I decided to take the plunge, stop just playing around & really devote myself to learning the craft of photography. I hope to accomplish many things in the coming year, namely, defining my style & improving technique with the potential for opening up business. My goal is not to capture "pose for the camera" shots, but rather to photograph life, with all its personalities & emotions. Welcome to my blog, & I hope you stop by often!