Friday, February 10, 2012

10 on 10 | february

morning cartoons:

baishie love & waiting for the garbage truck:

toast - a staple in this house:

Cars crash {Will is obsessed w/ reinacting the Cars crash scenes while watching the movie}:


too cold to play outside:

quiet time:

Ruby red:

mail time:

her favorite place to be - on my hip {as seen in the microwave door}:

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  1. Love all of these...great job!! I love her little lips!! So sweet. You did a wonderful job capturing different perspectives....awesome!

  2. Liz!!!! what a beautiful variety!!! Love the story that you tell. Beautiful job!!!! PS, my have: the pic of him at the window. yummy!

  3. I've been anxiously WAITING for your next post, and I got two at once! I especially love the "Ruby red" pic - so precious!

  4. These are simply stunning! That toaster shot, the window one, oh---all so lovely!!

  5. You rocked the reflections this month Liz! And those shutters over your windows are amazing accessories in your pics! And I love the different perspectives you took this month. So creative.

  6. What a beautiful post! I especially love the view from the microwave door and your sons sweet little face in between the large shutters! I always love your point of view ~ thank you so much for sharing!