Friday, January 25, 2013

Project 26 | B is for . . .

& for 10 minutes - GO.
What is beauty? Beauty is all around us. In the morning light creeping through the shutters, the soft touch of a child's fingers brushing your face, in the tender moments with those you love, or even just the memories of them.
I kept wanting "backlight" to be my theme for this week's letter, but my plans to shoot kept falling through with crazy schedules & the sudden forecast change from sunny to overcast & rainy skies.
I am glad for the challenge to try something different though. To come up with a "B"ackup plan. My friend, Kye, was able to run over to my home last minute to let me shoot some pictures. I especially loved the tender ones with her daughter. Kye is a true beauty, - not only is she gorgeous, but she is kind, compassionate, & selfless.
I am also grateful that I had the chance to take a few shots of myself with Will. He is growing to love photography, even at his young age, something I hope to continue to share with him as he grows. While taking pictures, he would run & jump up next to me, waiting for the timer to go off & then hold as still as possible to compensate for the low lighting & slow shutter speed. I love the special moment we were able to capture of us cuddling. He is my cuddler. My beautiful miracle boy. One of my greatest joys in life. Life wouldn't be nearly as beautiful without him & all those I love in it.

Continue on in the circle to see what Barb, our newest group member, came up with for letter "B" this week.


  1. awww. so sweet and tender Liz! These have a 'film' feel to them - I like it:)

  2. Very sweet! Great images. Sometimes the Back up plan is the best plan!

  3. love the look of these B..utiful photos!

  4. I love these snuggly, loving photos.