Tuesday, January 10, 2012

sacramento lifestyle photographer | 10 on 10: January

I hesitated this month when it came to documenting another 10 on 10. What could I possibly do different than last time? How could I prevent it from being redundant each month? Isn't it a little soon to be asking these questions since this is only month 2? Well, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to see that life has its own things in store, & the day I documented ended up being wonderful. This month was another lesson in seeing the beauty of everyday life. I was able to capture the sweet personalities of my two children, as well as my husband & wonderful friends. I'm grateful for these preserved memories that this project gives me.

8:00 am - Ruby Jane is sleeping soundly.

9:00 am - retrieving some cereal that dropped on the barstool.

10:00 am - Will gets so excited when his daddy comes home. he can't wait to tell him all the fun things he's been up to.

11:00 am - Ruby finishes her shower & kicks her feet & talks to us while waiting in the bassinet.

12:00 pm - getting ready to drive down to the bay area when Scott notices we have a flat tire. Will did his part to help.

1:00 pm - on the road. sunglasses on & baishie in hand (Will's lion blanket that he takes everywhere).

it didn't take long before this guy was out. he seriously has the most beautiful eyelashes & has since day one. i just can't get over them.

2:00 pm - Ruby meets my other mother & sister for the first time. we've been life-long friends, & they're practically family.

3:00 pm - love this girly.

Ruby bonds with her godmother & my best friend, Caitlin.

4:00 pm - i loved capturing the look on my husband's face while he smiled at our sweet daughter. it's these tender, natural moments that i treasure.

5:00 pm - buckled up & ready to head back home.

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  1. Wow. These are such tenderhearted moments. These are such precious images of your babies. I love the bar stool shot - the diaper, skinny mini body (my boys are like that!) and rumpled hair. I think Ruby and River have the same type thin blankies;) I love your shoes too! the capture of your husband and daughter is wonderful. It will be a treasure to her when she is grown!

  2. you made me melt with those pics of your son working with his daddy on the car..... melting!!!! love your 10s. love love love!!!!

    Love, Cris S.

  3. Love your 10 on 10!!! Your family is adorable!

  4. Oh so sweet. Love the moments with your bff and your hubby.

  5. You did it!!! Your children are just beautiful...love the baby feet photo. I think my favorite is the one you titled, "just like dad" look at how serious he is! It's a great candid capture...is that some grease on his face :) Well done!

  6. Liz, These are just beautiful. I simply love the one of your son on the stool. This photo gives us a real up close and personal view of that moment. And the close up of him working on the car! It just made my heart try to leap out of my chest! So perfect! All of these are just so touching and personal - wonderful work!

  7. The photo of Ruby with her godmother and the one of Ruby with your husband are just perfect. I love them all, but those two really are moving. The composition is wonderful as well. Great photos this week!

  8. Liz these are all beautiful. I know as you look back from month to month you will adore these 10 on 10 posts. It is such a blessing to share this project with all of you!

  9. The love in your family really shines through in these images. I love love the one of your little girl with her daddy. I have to admit that I melted just a little looking at his expression as he gazes at his wee one. Moments like this is what photography is all about.

  10. Love "just like dad". Great series :)

  11. your kids are seriously so sticking' cute! I love the 'just like dad' photos! you can totally tell how much your son adores his daddy@

  12. Just revisiting your images Liz. They are so tender and sweet. Can't wait until next month:)!

  13. those pictures are so cute! love that ruby girl:)