Sunday, January 8, 2012

my week according to my phone {1/52}

Sunday -
1. enjoying the christmas tree for a little longer before it needs to come down.
2. Ruby lounging on the rocker in the mother's lounge at church. she's looking pretty content. haha!

Monday -
3. delicious breakfast of eggs w/ peppers, mushrooms & salsa and Will eating peanut butter & honey toast.
4. getting ready to pack up the christmas decorations
5. Will took an unexpected nap around 5:00. it was impossible to wake him up, so we just had a late night.

Tuesday -
6. i love watching Scott when he's telling his paramedic stories. he's so passionate about it!
7. we drove down to danville to see my best friend & godmother of our children, Caitlin.
8. sweet babe nursing - such a blessing to be able to provide for her.

Wednesday -
9. Ruby had her 4 month checkup & shots
10. Scott cut down the christmas tree - he found 3 cars & a toy grasshopper & bee.
11. admiring all the beautiful christmas cards we received.

Thursday -
12. Will loves to help me do the laundry.
13. worked on a self-portrait for my photography project.
14. I wear this necklace practically every day. it's a reminder of those who are most important in my life.

Friday -
15. we went to Boudin's for my favorite, clam chowder, after finishing a few holes of frisbee golf.

Saturday -
16. Will helped Ruby with her tummy time.
17. Ruby was wiped out & more than ready for her nap.

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