Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{ignite} a creative discovery | january

"Inspired by Nichole Van and her group {Elevate}, several photographers and I have decided to take some time each month to explore the fine art side of photography. Each month, we will post a photo or series of images focused on art and photography. There are no rules. Just post what comes from the heart [. . .], allowing the inner artist a chance to explore and fly." ~Nicole Lubin

This month I was at a standstill, not really understanding what fine art was and feeling overwhelmed by my newness in photography. I felt inadequate to participate in this project & thought about giving up before I had even tried. But then I realized that I had to start somewhere. I had to stop comparing myself to others & their work. This wasn't about anyone else. It was about me & what I hoped to learn & achieve. I am working to perfect photographic techniques and learn what it is that really captures and motivates me as an artist. I want to move beyond the ordinary shots and capture something raw and beautiful. I want more thought and purpose to be behind each click of the shutter. I am hoping this project will help me achieve that throughout the year.

My inspiration for this month came from my sister, Sarah. Her birthday was earlier in the month, & for some reason, I struggled terribly this year when it came. She died 18 years ago. She was 17, & I was 9. I feel like I lost a wonderful friend & feel frustration & guilt because my memories of her are slipping away. I wanted a way to reconnect with her, so I used this month as a way to do that. 

To me, Sarah was:
                          a dancer.
                                   my big sister.
                  the one I looked up to & wanted to be like.
                                                                 full of love, life, kindness & sunshine.


  1. These make my jaw dropped! Love the oof, the warmth of the sun, the flare...everything! I'd say, well done, Elizabeth.

  2. So sorry for your loss. I am sure that although it has been 18 years, the pain is still as raw as it was then. These images are gorgeous...

  3. I'm so sorry you lost your sister. You did an amazing job paying tribute to her memory with these images. They are beautiful!

  4. I love these pictures, Liz. You have an eye for beauty. Even more beautiful reading the inspiration for these shots.

  5. Tearing up...wow what a lovely tribute to your sister. I love the blur and the sun. Such a moving piece.

  6. Beautiful Liz. I'm so happy you've started this blog. You truly have an eye for beauty.

  7. these are beautiful liz, i love the light and setting. so glad you've found a way to express emotion through photography. love you!

  8. wow, so sorry for your loss. As I'm reading this I'm listening to the song "dream" by Priscilla Ahn and I'm bawling! What beautiful image <3 -tabitha

  9. Oh my - I am so sorry - she left way too early. These images are blowing me away though! Just dreamy and gorgeous!

  10. wow. breathtaking Liz. I've had losses in my own life and understand you when you say you feel memories slipping away. this tribute is amazing. Your sister would be so proud and honored.

  11. These took my breath away. Such an inspiration that in your honesty you have such an impact. Thank you.

  12. Beautiful Liz. Wonderful wonderful way to put yourself out there.

  13. Liz, what a wonderful beautiful tribute to your sister! I bet your parents are touched as well.

  14. What a talent you have and how beautiful to remember your sister in this way!

  15. Stunning, speechless...beautiful tribute to your sister. Your love shines in these.

  16. Beautiful! I love that you reached deep into who you are. You captured that connection and longing brilliantly!

  17. This is just beautiful, Liz. Stunning. I hope you print that first one out to share with your parents and siblings. So beautiful!

  18. These are stunning. I'm so glad you didn't back out of the challenge. We need you! And the memory of your sister was captured so beautifully in these images. I've always wanted to try the blurred look but get nervous. These have inspired me to try again! :)

  19. I am so pleased you didn't back out as well. The beauty of the form and colours in these is so emotive, love.

  20. Oh my gosh!! What stunning and beautiful images. Tears as I read this Sarah will always be with you in your heart! {{hugs}} to you!!

  21. These are beautiful! I can't quite decide which one I like best; I was leaning toward the second but now I'm leaning toward the first. I definitely want a copy of both of them. I want to figure out how to pair them with the poem that Lynda wrote.


    Give said the little stream,
    Give oh give
    Give oh give
    Give said the little girl
    As she danced along the hill.
    She was small she knew
    But as she grew, the grass grew greener still.
    Dancing, dancing all the day
    Give away, oh give away,
    Dancing, dancing all the day.
    Give, oh give . . . away
    So far away.
    You’ve danced away from us.
    You were so graceful,
    And light on your feet.
    Light and lifted away from us.
    Light and lifted on a wind from Heaven,
    You’ve danced away.
    But I’ll remember you.
    I’ll look at dancing things and think of you.
    Sunlight on the pond,
    Dust fairies and dandelion puffs,
    Cats light on their feet,
    The deer that defies gravity
    As it leaps my neighbor’s fence.
    All things light and graceful
    All things that laugh and dance with the life within their soul,
    And more –
    All things pure and hopeful,
    All things that lift and sing,
    All giving that is gently given
    All giving that’s a breath of heaven,
    Will tug the kitestrings of my heart
    And remind me of you, Sarah,
    Lifting all of us.
    Looking upward,
    I’ll wish that I could see my dancing friend
    Behind the clouded gates of the sky.
    But I
    Remain so firmly here behind,
    Rooted and grounded and wondering why.
    That she was light on her feet,
    and graceful .
    Light and lifted away from us.
    A gentle wind blew down one day and
    Lifted her, lighter and higher
    Into the light –
    Where dancing now, I hear her say,
    Give away, oh give away,
    Dancing, dancing all the day,
    give, oh give away.

    for Steve and Martha
    By Lynda

  22. These are totally stunning and a beautiful tribute to your sister. I am so glad you are along for this journey!