Friday, February 8, 2013

Project 26 | C is for . . .

& for 10 minutes - GO.
So I know that couples tend to feature in engagement sessions. But come on! What about pictures for couples who are already married & can celebrate that fact! Especially in a time when commitment isn't always taken seriously. I can't remember the last time Scott & I had special pictures taken with just the two of us - our wedding day? If anything, I love him far more now than I did when we were engaged. We have a history together. A difficult, but loving history, a history that has brought us so much closer.
I am not accustomed to posing people for photographs. I'm a candid shooter. But I found this week matching up with "C"ouples could be a great opportunity to practice. This couple was awesome! They were hilarious, fun, super nice, & I loved getting to know them during this process. We laughed a ton during the session - about the potential awkwardness of standing over them to take a picture, naming our plants (in my case, with the hopes they will actually stay alive), & the fact that I'm not the only one who draws stick figures for posing inspiration (Houston has experience with photography as well).
I look forward to working with more couples & really hope to convince those who are beyond the engagement & wedding day to celebrate & document their love with pictures of their own.  


Continue on to see what Katiusca came up with for the letter C.


  1. these are lovely. i really like the ones of them laying down.

  2. Sweetness! Such great images! I love how you captured them.

  3. Great shots and great angles...what did you do in the 4th from the bottom to make it look textured?