Friday, February 22, 2013

Project 26 | D is for . . .

Double, Dark & Light, Diagonal Lines
& for 10 minutes. GO.
Life constantly surprises me with its ups & downs. Shouldn't I be used to that? It's not like everyone doesn't experience the roller coaster. It's going back & looking at life, realizing I've been here before - it's a repetitive cycle of trying to figure out all that life has to teach us - sometimes the same lesson time & time again. I have experience with plenty of dark moments in life, but I strive to see the light amidst the dark. There is always light in life. Sometimes it's the smallest glimmer, but even so, attach yourself to it & hold on tight until the light spreads & fills you. Don't give up on it. Don't let the dark consume you.
Especially in recent years, I've been able to more fully appreciate the saying, "Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle." Life isn't as perfect as we like to pretend it is. But that doesn't mean that it isn't still good . . . amazing really. Think of those around you & see that by reaching out & possibly even being a light to someone in their own darkness, a darkness that engulfs them without you realizing it, can bring them hope. Be kind. We all have our moments of needing the extra support. Of needing a light or a hope of light in the dark.  
And now on a lighter note (pun not intended)! This session was part of a Valentine's Day boudoir special. We had such a great time taking the photos, rearranging furniture, shooing the kids out or distracting them with phones, & chasing the light around the room (it kept changing so fast, & I was determined to catch the stripes - I'm a huge sucker for stripes, shadows & reflections. Have you noticed? Haha).


  1. Great use of the lights to make the stripes. Not sure I would have embraced that like you did--but it is awesome!

  2. delightful! looks like a fun session!

  3. these are gorgeous! I really like the diagonal light.

  4. Fun shots... My favorite is the third one. So dramatic.

  5. Great images. Love the drama created by the light and lines.

  6. I love the top one! There are even stripes in the sheets!